Membership application is by writing to one of our representatives or to the Secretary Mr. Colin Hepper and sending the appropriate subscription which is based on your location as mentioned below.

Membership dues as from 2015

Postal Himal will be available in electronic (PDF) format beginning in 2015. At that time who will also change from a ‘one member-one rate’ system, which has been in effect since our founding, to a renewal cost based on the area of the world to which your Postal Himal is sent. This change is necessary due to continually increasing postage costs The new rates are shown below. Those who do not live in a £ area will probably find its easier to pay via PayPal or with banknotes. Before sending banknotes, please contact Secretary Mr. Colin Hepper.


One Year

Three Years






PayPal for USA/Canada




All Others

£18.00 or €22,00

£45.00 or €55,00


PayPal for All Others

£19.08 or €23,32

£47.70 or €58,30


Email anywhere

$10.00 or £6.00 or €7,50

$25.00 or £15.00 or €18,75


PayPal for Email anywhere

$10.60 or £6.36 or €7,95

$26.50 or £15.90 or €19,88


Options for receiving Postal Himal in 2015

  1. Current Life Members will continue to receive a printed copy and may also, if they wish, have a the PDF copy at no extra cost.

  2. Life Members ONLY. If you wish to give up your printed copy and receive only the PDF copy, it will be a one-way street. That is, if you later change your mind and wish to receive a printed copy, you will have to pay the current cost for the printed copy. Before giving up your printed copy, please BE VERY SURE THAT THAT IS TRULY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

  3. Those of you who are not sure whether you want a PDF copy can try one out to see if you like it. If you send me your email address, in addition to the printed December issue you will receive a gratis PDF copy of that same issue.

  4. Those of who will opt for the PDF copy need to be very sure that have a current email address is on file from them. People many times change their email addresses without neglecting to inform everyone on their mailing list. If you change your email address and do not inform the editor, he will have NO way of getting your copy to you.

Do you have questions? Call or visit us.

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